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About John C. Acree

I was born in a Northern Nevada ranching and mining town called Winnemucca. We were told as children that our little town was named after a Paiute Indian chief who had one leg and that Winnemucca means “One Moccasin.” I don’t know, sounds a bit sketchy but maybe it’s true.


My name is John Acree. I introduce myself as a native son of Winnemucca because it is the starting point of this web site. My father was neither a rancher nor a miner. He sold Studebakers and was a volunteer fireman. My mom, an Irish beauty from Butte, Montana, did all she could. I had a great childhood there. Love my little town. Good friends. Great families. Cool little nine-hole golf course across the street. Most of my friends stayed in Winnemucca. They live there still.  I did not and do not.


I left. And this project is in great part a creation of that decision to leave home. I am envious of those who stayed as their comfort levels are probably as high as my insecurity and the need to keep moving, which believe me, is a relentless way to go about it. 


So here we are. The photos and stories after leaving my hometown. You may note each of my photos is tied to a thousand-word story. Lots of words, but each photo is worth it. I think. 


Not raising money. Not asking for likes. I do not use an editor so pardon the errors. Just a means to share something that I’ve been told is an interesting go of it. I hope you find this to be true. My email is here. Feel free to let me know if it was worth it. 

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